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If you are like me who lives a digital life then you owe it to yourself to check out OpenSimulator. It is a multi player online role-playing game (mporg). OpenSimulator is an OpenSource Software Platform written is C# that has been in development for years. This simply means you can download the software from OpenSimulator website and run your own simulator. OpenSim Grids have a choice of being hypergated or closed. Hypergated grids can accept avatars from other hypergated grids as part of an inter-connected network of grids.

At ingen-lab, we strive to develop the technology that will make your avatar's life more interesting. Although we have a lot of top secret projects, we do share our knowledge to the community and help out where we can. You can then take that knowledge and expand it to best suit your needs. We basically provide a startup "know-how" and hope that you'll become a good competitor in our market. We require nothing from you to use our technology as your startup resource, nothing whatsoever. We understand that good competitors keeps us on our toes and gives us the motivation to continue our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Don't just let the evolution pass you by, be a part of it and get ready for what is going to happen in the metaverse.

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